Tools to Cultivate True Success™

Feeling Stuck?

Maybe you’re experiencing relentless stress, anxiety or exhaustion… it could be at home, at work, with your family or elsewhere… and for whatever reason… you just can’t figure out how to improve the situation… or how to snap out of it!

Now, here’s the secret no one’s talking about…

It’s not actually your fault.

As you may or may not have already realized, many of the external 
 challenges we face stem from our own internal struggles… which have 
been wired into us since we were little.

That’s how it went for me.

Having suffered from ICS (Inner Critic Syndrome) for the first half of my life,
I know from experience that there’s only one way out… rewiring your brain 
for True Success™.

After working with clients for over two decades, engaging in extensive research in neuroscience and applying this training on myself and thousands of others, I’ve discovered The True Success™ Formula. This is the quickest pathway to crushing your inner critic and creating the life
you want!

In order to make any sustainable changes in your life (be it related to relationships, health, wealth, work, or happiness), you have to start from the inside out. External transformations start and are maintained by what goes on inside your head. That’s where Dr. E’s patented Neuro-Regenerative Training™ can help you make the transformations you deserve.

Even if you can’t see it yet, I know there’s a bigger and more powerful version of you on the inside… ready to shine. Regardless of what’s going on now or what happened in your past, YOU can bring your light out to reach your fullest potential.


And I’m here to support you along the journey.

Whether that means going through one of the books or online programs featured here or checking out Concierge Coaching, you’ll find the right solution to finally live the life you’ve always dreamed of!

Crush Your Inner Critic
Through The True Success -
4 Week Bootcamp

It's Time to Control Your Inner Critic and finally let go of
your limiting mindset so you can embrace a life of happiness, fulfillment and joy!

I realized the hard way that waiting and hoping are not going to help you achieve your dreams.

And just taking action isn’t enough either.

The question becomes, what do you have to focus on to make the greatest impact?

Calculated action, not just any action.

… the other option is to wait…

Wait more, for what? To just keep you safe?

The truth is that waiting isn’t only keeping you “safe”, it’s actually keeping you stuck.

And, what is that costing you?

You didn’t dream those dreams to have them sit idly by, did you?

There’s no power in “getting ready to get ready”

It’s time for real True Success™ where you own your dreams, empower yourself 
to take deliberate action and finally tap into your version of True Success.

Whether you’re seeking shifts in your personal life, professional life, health, 
wealth, or family-related relationships, The TRUE SUCCESS Bootcamp 
has the potential to make a BIG transformation for you.

The program was created because I’m passionate about helping you cultivate True Success by applying research-supported strategies to create the personal 
and professional life you desire and deserve.

People let their inner critic take over because

(1) They don’t even realize it is their inner critic

(2) They don’t have the skills to improve their situation

I’m here to help you achieve MORE purpose, passion and better relationships
so you can truly live your best life.

Stop playing the waiting game when it comes to True Success.
It’s time for you to make a permanent change for the good.

Leadership from
the Inside Out

The Mindset and Emotional Mastery
to Effectively Lead in Any Situation in
Just 3 Minutes a Day!

This digital program is ideal for leaders, business owners, managers and parents who are ready to change their internal patterns and become more effective leaders. In less than 3 minutes a day, you can start to rewire your brain to create permanent improvements in your leadership skills.

Within this program, you’ll get:

Is Your "Inner Critic" Holding You Back From True Success™?

Want to uncover the degree to which your inner critic is impacting your professional and personal life? Take the quiz to discover if your inner critic is preventing your True Success™ so that you can overcome this obstacle and create a life you truly love.

What is Your True Success Quotient?

Want to figure out what is preventing you from enjoying True Success™?

This quiz will help you uncover your unique roadblock(s) preventing you from
 having the health, wealth, career, happiness and/or relationships that you desire.

Take the quiz to discover what’s preventing your True Success™ so that
 you can overcome your specific obstacles and create a life you truly love.


Your Fulfillment Library

A Happy You: Your Ultimate Prescription to Happiness

Want more happiness in your life?

Who wouldn’t?

Imagine being less stressed and enjoying true happiness right this minute…

Finally, you can make this dream a reality, no matter what is going on in your life, or has happened in your life.

Based on scientific research and real life examples, here is your ultimate prescription to a joyful, fulfilling life, and it is a LOT easier than you might think. Get ready to transform your life.

From Entitlement to Intention: Raising Purpose Driven Children

Do you have concerns with how your wealth will impact your children?

Are you troubled by the statistics that children of wealth have higher rates of depression, anxiety & unethical behavior?

Do you want to share your wealth with your child but worry it will lead to them being spoiled and entitled?

If so, then this book is for you.

Learn strategies to help your children enjoy purpose-driven lives.

Better than Perfect: 7 Strategies to Crush
Your Inner Critic and Create a Life You Love

Perfectionists are not just those with a neat junk drawer. Perfectionism is an all-or-nothing mentality:

This perspective can interfere with your health, relationships, fulfillment and ultimate success in your personal and professional life.

Better Than Perfect focuses on empowering anyone with perfectionist tendencies to keep the good qualities of perfectionism (including striving for excellence) while offering the strategies and framework to get rid of the negative and debilitating side effects (i.e. never feeling good enough and procrastination).

Goodbye Impostor Syndrome: Crushing your Inner Critic to Create the Life You Love

Do you ever feel like you are in way over your head in your current position?

Are you ever worried that people will “figure out” that you are not as good as they think you are?

Do you wish you could feel truly confident in your role but are not even sure that it is possible?

Would you like to move through your day feeling self-assured and certain that your contributions bring value?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this book is for you!

In Goodbye Imposter Syndrome you will:

The Winning Sales Mindset

If you want to boost revenue, optimize your sales mindset. By applying cutting edge research in neuroplasticity, Dr. E delivers an entertaining and prescriptive process. Sales associates will leave with a three-step action plan to eliminate obstacles, increase productivity and amplify engagement. Learn about the winning sales mindset from Shaquille O’Neal’s “Head Coach for happiness.”

Happiness at Work

Happiness is vital to the success of your organization. Happier employees experience a 31% increase in productivity, a 37% increase in sales and 15 less sick days/year. Through relatable stories, Dr. E teaches specific skills, based in her TEDx talk “The Science of Happiness” and bestselling book, “A Happy You: Your Ultimate Prescription for Happiness.”  In Dr. E’s entertaining keynote, you will discover how to boost happiness in the workplace to optimize employee engagement. Learn about happiness at work from Shaquille O’Neal’s “Head Coach for happiness.”

Leadership from the Inside Out

Leaders improve when their mindset and actions are aligned. Based on her bestselling book “Better Than Perfect: 7 Strategies to Crush Your Inner Critic and Create a Life You Love,” Dr. E takes audiences through a formula to mastering mindset and corresponding actions so that they can become better leaders in their personal and professional lives. Because actions are determined by your thoughts, Dr. E delivers the 3 P’s: Passion, Purpose and People. When leaders rewire their brain, they boost leadership performance. Dr. E provides practical tools to cultivate leadership from the inside out, even during stressful times.