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How to have a healthy teen

Posted by Elizabeth Lombardo on August 1, 2013

Category: Blog
How to be a happy family, even when you are having problems with your family? Watch Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo interviewed by Steve Harvey discussing tips to have healthy children and a happy family. What is your best tip to raising a happy, healthy teen?
Being a parent has its challenges, but it doesn’t need to include guilt.   What can you do to reduce the guilt and be a happier, more effective parent?   Watch Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo’s interview on Fox News:     What tip will you try today?
Exercise is an important part of The Happiness Prescription.   Despite its benefits of reducing stress, feeling happier, creating greater self-confidence, improving our mental abilities, improving sleep and even boosting libido, many have trouble actually doing it.   Here is a great article written by Linda Melone for iVillage where I had the pleasure of being interviewed.   Excuses she dispels include:   “I’m not feeling well.” “Um…I actually just hate exercise.” “My commute to


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