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Me Too, Now What?: Be Assertive

Posted by Elizabeth Lombardo on March 4, 2019

Category: Communication
Be Assertive“I want to be assertive, but I don’t want to be a bitch. So, what can I do?”This is a question I commonly receive when I’m conducting leadership workshops. Usually, the inquiry is posed by a woman and is accompanied by lots of heads in the audience nodding in agreement that they struggle with a similar predicament.Perhaps you have grappled with a similar quandary. Well, let’s lay it out on the line.There is a

Me Too, Now What?: Stop People Pleasing

Posted by Elizabeth Lombardo on February 25, 2019

Category: Mindset
People pleasing is not merely wanting others around you to be happy. That is being a nice person. And this misconception is why people pleasers have a tough time changing. “What, you want me to be mean to everyone?” was one comment I heard while giving a workshop about this topic.“No,” I responded. “I want you to respect yourself at least as much as you do others.”That peaked her attention.You see, people pleasing is motivated
Forgiveness is vital to moving on from the past. At the same time, it is a term that is often misunderstood. And its misconception prevents many from enjoying its benefits.So, to start with, let’s look at what forgiveness is and what it is not. Because so many people are confused by the concept of forgiveness, we’ll start with what it is not.Forgiveness is not: Forgetting, denying or condoning the event or the pain it caused.An

Me Too, Now What?

Posted by Elizabeth Lombardo on February 11, 2019

Photo from Unsplash History Mission Step One: Forgive Step Two: Stop Step Three:Assertive Step Four: Cultivate Step Five: Support Step Six: Embrace Play Video The power of a movement is not just in the event itself, but in the new norm it helps create. In the #MeToo Movement, it’s time to establish and implement that new norm with the intent of educating and empowering women and men in all of their relationships.While any rationally minded
What does mental health have to do with the world economy? A lot. And it was a hot topic in Davos this past week.At the World Economic Forum, experts shared new data that reveals that poor mental health is responsible for $2.5 trillion in lost productivity. Astonishingly, that number is projected to increase more than 100 percent by 2030 to $6 trillion. And the impact gets worse. As recently reported in the Psychiatric Times “A


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