2017 / 8 February

You never know…

Evil Men pointing at stressed woman sitting at table


You never know what other people are going through. Sure, we may think that person has it all together- a good life, great marriage, happy kids. We might think she has no idea what stresses or struggles are. Her life is perfect. If only we could have her life.
And yet, having worked with clients for over 20 years, I can tell you that EVERYONE has issues. The first thing most people say to me when they sit down for our initial session is “My friends would never believe I am here.” I want to tell them “you friends were just here themselves!”


Sadness, anxiety, overwhelming worry, stress, helplessness, relationship strain, loneliness… these are so common. You are not alone! It is not that everyone else in the world has it great, and you are the only one struggling.


Not only are you not alone, but there is SO much you can do to help overcome your struggles, overcome feeling down about yourself and feeling powerless.
My purpose in life is to help people before they need the proverbial shrink couch- before things get so bad that you cannot function.


That is why I write articles and books, do media interviews and have a Facebook community.


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You are NOT in this alone!


And things can get better, when you apply the right tools.


Together we CAN make a positive change. We CAN help elevate the energy of the people in the group. We CAN create the lives we truly want, for ourselves and our society.


Let’s do this together!

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