A Happy You

Wish you had more happiness in your life?  happyyou

Imagine being less stressed and happier right now. Finally, you can make this dream a reality! Based on scientific research and real life stories, here is your ultimate prescription to a joyful, fulfilling life, and it is a lot easier than you might think. Get ready to transform your life.

You will discover:

  • Quick steps to generate greater happiness despite challenges you may be facing
  • Why finding positives in your life can not only improve your mood but also enhance your health, relationships, work and even bank account
  • Easy skills to boost your self-confidence
  • Way to better your relationships: with friends, family, co-workers and even yourself
  • Effective approaches to let go of regret and worry that prevents you from enjoying life

7 Secrets of Happy People

These are super easy tips that you can apply – right away! – in every phase of your life. No need to meditate for hours at a time (which can be tough to set aside time to do.) There’s no tree hugging involved (unless, of course, you’re into that sort of thing, which is fine! ;-D) In fact, think of these tips as 7 functional, sane, reasonable “shortcuts” to bringing more bliss into your world.

These are the exact tips I share with my clients and audience members. They’ve reported all kinds of healthy growth and increased joy including:

  • Lower stress levels
  • Decreased depression
  • Less worry
  • A healthy drop in weight
  • Improved health and sense of wellness
  • Better, deeper sleep
  • Yummier (yeah, that’s a technical term! ;-D) relationships
  • Greater productivity
  • and, of course, waaaay more happiness!



Fibro Health & Wellness Roadmap

How To Go From Broken To Blissful With NO Medications, Medical Doctors, Or Morons Telling You To “Just Deal With It!”

Why do some people thrive in their work, relationships, and self-esteem — even when their fibro flares up and they can’t move — and others are miserable even on their “good” days?

Fibromyalgia and chronic condition expert — Dr. Elizabeth — has mapped out a system so simple that practically anyone with fibro can have more of those good “good days”. And it’s not just theory: she takes you step-by-step through easy techniques that have been proven to work by other folks who actually have fibro.

“Dr. Elizabeth’s Fibro Health and Wellness Roadmap” will help you have more passionate and nurturing relationships; be more productive in your work; spend less time feeling helpless, depressed, or consumed by “fibrofog”; and have more happiness in your life.

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99 Tips on How to Have a Happy Marriage

These tips work, regardless of your current circumstances; what has happened in the past; or even if your spouse is not interested in reading the book!

When my clients or audience members apply these tips, amazing things start to happen in their marriages and the lives in general. They’ve reported all kinds of benefits including:

  • Greater happiness overall
  • Lower stress levels
  • Decreased depression
  • Better health
  • A healthy drop in weight
  • Improved health and sense of wellness
  • Better, deeper sleep
  • Happier children
  • Greater productivity

and, of course, waaaay more happiness in their marriages!




Relax Now

Sometimes it can feel like the whole world is made out of stress. From work to kids to spouses to just getting the “right” coffee, it seems that there are more and more choices… and more and more opportunities to “stress out.”
You’ve come the right place to do something about releasing that stress in a way that’s easy, effective, and healing.

Introducing “Relax” by Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo.

This is a wonderful guided meditation set with Dr. Elizabeth’s soothing voice easing you into and out of your day. These 3 sessions – over 60 minutes total – of professional relaxation guidance can help you:

  • significantly reduce your stress levels
  • experience fewer daily aches
  • decrease chronic pain
  • get more rest from your sleep
  • find it easier to be more productive
  • be a happier, healthier person overall