The True Success Formula™ covers the key areas of your life

My goal is to help people before they need to spend time on the proverbial couch. I teach time-tested, research-supported skills to help you create the life you truly want.

Through my countless hours helping others to breakthrough their limiting beliefs, the actions that keep them stuck, I’ve assessed that there are 3 key areas that will help you find your own True Success: Purpose, Passion and People. 

Because every person’s situation is different, my approach is highly customized, where the methods I walk you through are specifically crafted to meet your specific needs. 


believe what happens on the inside has a direct impact on what happens on the outside. If you want to know what is going on inside someone’s head, look at how they interact with the world. Because, here’s the deal, if you are focused on criticizing yourself, you can’t help but judge other people. If you have an inner negative diatribe berating you, you see are more likely to interpret others’ actions as being negative. If you view yourself as not good enough, not smart enough, not worthy enough, then you will see others’ actions as supporting those beliefs. Not only that, but these beliefs will hold you back from your True SuccessTM. This is not about saying affirmations and getting whatever you desire. It is about optimizing your mindset to create the life you truly want.

I believe 99.999% of people are good in their core. Sure, they may make mistakes or make choices that are less-than-optimal, but their motivation is positive. And in order to help someone change, you need to address that positive underlying motivation, not make them feel horrible about themselves. (Most people are already great at doing that on their own.)
I believe everyone has greatness within them, even though it may be buried from even themselves. We are all here to make a significant impact on this world, no matter how “big” that impact is. For some, it may mean being a great parent, partner, or friend. For others, it could mean find the cure of a disease or some other affliction negatively impacting our globe.
I believe people have more power than they realize. While we cannot always change other people or external circumstance directly, but by addressing you, you can make things better. Now, you might be thinking, “but you don’t know my…” partner, mother, past, children, boss, in-laws.
I believe anyone can change if they want to. Here’s an example from my own life: I used to hate to exercise. The thought of going for a run provoked intense feelings of dread. Then I went to college and didn’t want to gain the “Freshman 15.” I decided to not only start working out, but was determined to like it. Without even knowing it, I applied some of the same concepts I now teach my clients to optimize their mindset. That determination started an almost 20-year career of teaching aerobics that I loved. I also used to be scared to death to speak in front over even a small group, but now I LOVE getting on stage in front of thousands. And in my professional life, I have witnessed over and over the fact that people can change, no matter how long they have been experiencing their current circumstances.
That is true, and there is no doubt that any of those can contribute to your current state. AND, at the same time, you cannot control them, but you can control yourself. It takes two to tango: become a better dancer, and your partner (spouse, significant other, boss, co-worker, children) cannot help but follow suit.
Here’s the deal: I believe in YOU! Even if you can’t see it, I know you have greatness within you. I know that regardless of what is going on now, or what has happened in your past, that you can create a life you love. YOU ARE WORTH IT! And I am here to support you along that journey.
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What you might not know about me:

  • When I was younger, I dreamed of owning my own school bus – not to drive children to school, but just to drive around myself.
  • I still have dreams where I have to take a final exam in a literature class and have less than a day to read all the books.
  • I met my husband at a gym where I was teaching kick boxing.
  • I avoided learning how to meditate for over a decade, thinking I “couldn’t do it.” Now it is part of my daily routine.
  • My husband and I have two amazing daughters, named Kelly and Grace. My husband says we named them that so when we are old and senile, we will still remember their names.
  • I am crazy proud of my mother, who retired from teaching at the age of 55 only to return after a few years because she missed it. Over 20 years later, she is still teaching full time (Sorry, Mom, I am kind of giving away your age)
  • I have three dinner menus that I cook well and need to add more to the repertoire. (Got any easy, family recipes?)
  • One of my favorite things to do is take my dog for a walk while listening to an audio book.
  • Now more than ever, I am focused on practicing what I preach. My husband is quite ill and, despite the stress and concern for him, I can still be happy and enjoy life.
  • A friend in high school told me she wanted to be a psychologist. I thought “Wow, that would be great, but it is too hard.”
  • I am a morning person. Yup- I hop out of bed with no alarm at 5am with a smile on my face. But I also need my sleep, so I am not good after 9pm
  • We have a mini golden doodle named Bailey who is mischievous and loves to eat tissues
  • My favorite show growing up was Get Smart
  • I love watching romantic comedies and have no problem watching the same one multiple times (like American President, Love Actually and Hitched).
  • One summer I worked as a telemarketer. I made exactly ZERO sales.
  • Most embarrassing mistake: Tripping when I first met Michelle Obama and having her catch me, so I did a face plant.
  • Most interesting TV moment: Having a beer spilled on me during dress rehearsal on the Dr. Oz Show.
  • My goal is for the concepts that I share to be taught in school- we ALL need this!

What I Want My Clients To Know

I’m often asked: 

” Dr. E…. how are you happy all the time?”

The answer is, I am not. No one is, unless they are assisted by illicit substances. (OK, there may be a few people in the billions out there who are naturally always happy, but it is rare!)”


Passion refers to positive energy where your focus is on what is going well and what else you want to create. Dr. Lombardo’s work has touched countless celebrities, professional athletes, corporate executives and high net worth families. Here’s what a few notable people have to say about Dr. Lombardo: 


New York Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason, Love For No Reason, and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

Dr. Lombardo’s strategies will help you get out of your own way to create the life you want—one that’s filled with happiness and success. I highly recommend..!”


New York Best-Selling Author, The Success Principles, Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul® 

This is a great book. It combines inspiring stories, documented research and practical strategies for creating real happiness in your life. I highly recommend this book.


CEO of New Chapter Entertainment and former Senior Producer of The Oprah Winfrey Show

At The Oprah Winfrey Show, I met many transformational speakers and authors, and I can say with assurance that Dr. Lombardo’s path to change is a phenomenal one. Let her show you how to get out of your own way, and get the most out of life!

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