Want happy kiddos? Be a happy mom!

Hey Moms: yet another reason to be happy: it will help your children be happier.

A happy mom makes for a happy child

A recent study out of the United Kingdom followed over 40,000 households and assessed how satisfied young people (ages 10-15 years) were with their lives.  Turns out a mother’s happiness in her relationships with her partner is significantly more important to the child’s wellbeing as opposed to the happiness of Dad.

The results showed that children who reported the greatest amount of happiness:

  • lived with two parents (biological or step)
  • did not argue with their parents regularly
  • ate at least three evening meals per week with their family
  • had a mother who was happy in her own relationship.

As the study’s author, Dr Maria Iacovou, said: “Contrary to the popular belief that children only want to spend time playing videogames or watching TV we found that they were most happy when interacting with their parents or siblings.” Yeah!

So what is the take home message here?  If you are a mother, your happiness is not only vital to your own well-being, but also to your children’s happiness and health.  Don’t put your mental health on the back burner and focus only on your children. Prioritize your happiness, especially in your marriage. Take time to rekindle with your spouse, focus on gratitude in your marriage and look for ways to deepen your relationship.

If you do, you will be an even happier you– and so will your children!

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