2017 / 22 March

Did you have a happy Happiness Day?


Happy jumping

Did you know that Monday was International Day of Happiness?




The United Nations decreed March 20 as that day that we, across the globe, celebrate and encourage happiness.


For some, focusing on “being happy” may seem childish (“sure, it is nice to focus on happiness, but this is the real world, with real problems”).


In reality, happiness is a key channel to making significant changes in the world.


You see, while people often think that being healthier, in a good relationship or successful will bring them more happiness, the opposite is actually true.


Not that they will make you unhappy, but rather that, instead of these things causing happiness, happiness actually causes them.


I wrote about this in my column on Psychology Today. Click here to read the article.


When you are happier, your body is healthier. It experiences less stress. And we know that a stressed body gets sick more easily, tends to put on unwanted pounds, has more pain and has more problems sleeping.


When you are happier, you are more focused on the positive- in life and in others. So, you are more likely to be happy in relationships- whether it be with a significant other, your children or friends. I don’t know about you, but when I am unhappy and stressed out, I am not the easiest person to be around. But when we are happier ourselves, that happiness tends to spread into our interactions with others.


And when you are happier, the research shows, you are more likely to be successful. For example, happier people are 40% more likely to get promoted. They focus more on solving problems, rather than being a victim to circumstances. For those in sales, happier people outsell their unhappy counterparts by 37%.


So there are lots of reasons to be happier.


How can you be happier? There are lots of ways. One great way is to associate with positive people and positive conversations. That means stay away from negative Nellies and the depressing news.


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You deserve happiness, and I want to help you achieve it.


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