2017 / 8 March

Happy National Procrastination Week! 

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No, that doesn’t mean you should procrastinate all week.

Instead, it is a time to reflect on how putting things off impacts your life. And then take steps to make some changes, if they are needed.

Ever wonder why people procrastinate? I had a client last week who told me she avoids certain tasks at work, like calling a difficult customer, because, as she put it, “I am lazy.”

“Nope,” I told her. “I don’t think so.”

This woman is not lazy. She is stressed. And, she is experiencing what psychologists call task aversion, which seems to be the biggest contributor to procrastination.

When people view a task in an unpleasant manner (“It will be tough, boring, painful…”), they are more likely to put it off.

Can you relate? When you think about those projects you have avoided doing- maybe related to work, your health, your home- what goes through your mind?

Probably something like “Ugh! That will be horrible to do.” And so you, instead, choose to do something that seems less noxious or unpleasant. That makes sense. But it is not always helpful in the long run.

One way to overcome procrastination is to focus on your “why”- what are the benefits of actually doing this task. For example, if it is an exercise program you have been avoiding, focus on how exercising will help you have more positive energy, give you a boost of self-esteem and serve as a great role model for your children.

If you have been putting off cleaning out a closet, imagine walking into the closet when it is de-cluttered and how good that feels to you. And consider how much money you will make by selling the items on eBay or how those in need will feel when they receive these items as donations.

I wrote about this in my newest article for Psychology Today called “11 Tips to Overcome Procrastination”. So if you want more ideas on how you can take control of your procrastinating, head on over there.

Stop beating yourself up for procrastination and start taking (even baby) steps in the right direction.

You can do it!

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Dr. E

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