2017 / 16 February

Do you love… yourself?

With Valentine’s Day this week, love is in the air.


Yes, some think this date is so Hallmark (and the florists) can increase their revenues.


Regardless, though, it is a reminder of LOVE.


And one of the topics we often forget about when we talk about love is self-love.


Love yourself

We have heard the saying “You need to love yourself before you can love someone else,” and yet how often do we spend time focused on loving ourselves?


As I mentioned in my last blog, I wrote an article for Psychology Today entitled “13 Ways to Put The Spark Back Into Your Relationship.”


And that got me thinking about putting the spark back into your relationship… with your self.


I am guess that you are like me: sometimes (or may be more often!) you inner conversation is not so loving toward yourself. I mean, if you could stick a microphone in your brain, what would you hear yourself saying to yourself?


Now would you ever say that to a friend- or even someone you don’t particularly like?


My guess is NO WAY.


So how about giving yourself some self-love?


What is one thing you would LOVE to hear- from others and yourself?


“I am proud of you”

“Way to go!”

“You never give up.”

“You are my role model!”


Why not write it out on a note to yourself- and read it over daily.


Even better- head on over to Facebook and share it on the post on self-love.


Remember- you don’t have to be perfect because you are Better Than Perfect!



Dr. E

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