2017 / 6 February

Psychology & The Super Bowl

Super Bowl

Watching the Super Bowl, I was fascinated by what was going on psychologically.


Even when the Patriots were down 28-3, I had a nagging sense “this is not how it is going to end.”


And, did that prove to be right on.


In the fourth quarter, the Patriots had an incredible comeback and eventually won in overtime.


ESPN.com shared a statistic: there were 20 times during the course of the game that the Atlanta Falcons had a 99% or better chance of winning.


And yet, they did not.


Regardless if you are happy about the outcome (or even care), this is a great lesson for us all.








The key is not giving up.


It would have been easy for the Patriots to think “It is over. There is no way we can win now.”


Funny thing is, if they had thought that, they would have been right.


That is the power of the mind.


So consider, what dream have you put off because you think it’s impossible?


What goal do you long to achieve but think it is unattainable?


What desire do you have that you think could never happen?


Now, what if you shifted your perspective? What if, instead, you were motivated by passion to achieve this dream instead of fear that it can’t happen?


Here’s the thing, if everything were easy in your life, things would be pretty boring.


We know from research (and probably our own experiences) that working towards a goal and then achieving it creates more meaning and joy than if something is just handed to you.


So, when you consider your dreams, your goals, your desires, play this little game:


Imagine that you have achieved your dream, having overcome many obstacles. And you are being interviewed by someone who is asking you “How did you do that? How did you beat the odds like that?”

What would you say? Maybe something like, “I just didn’t give up,” “I refused to be beat,” “I knew I just had to stay focused on the end goal.”


Now, use those words of wisdom to guide you as you pursue your dream.


Anything. Is. Possible.


Never. Give. Up!






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