2017 / 1 February

What is Narcissism?


Narcissistic man copyThere is a lot of talk about narcissism out there lately. In the field of psychology, Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is defined as a need for admiration from others, lacking empathy, and having an inflated sense of self. Outwardly, they think they are the greatest thing in the world and get upset (often very upset) when others don’t agree with or look up to them. They can act erratically, are often angry and tend to put others down in an attempt to feel better about themselves.


In short, they are tough to be with and tough to understand. Why? Because you are expecting them to act like you (or others), not like someone with NPD.


To help you out, I wrote an article called 7 Underlying Truths A Psychologist Wants You To Know About Narcissistic Behavior for Mind Body Green.


You might be surprised by some of the truths, especially #1: narcissists have conditional self-worth. Sure, they may seem like they think they are awesome, but deep down, they are scared to death that they are not good enough.


Understanding others helps you better interact with them, which helps you ultimately be more successful.


Hope this article is helpful to you.


Dr. E

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