2016 / 22 December

4 Ways to Make This Holiday Season Better Than Perfect





So excited to share my first article with Live Happy Magazine!  In it, I share ways to drop all-or-nothing perfectionistic approach to the holidays that causes stress. 


Tips include:

  • Focus on the positive: Even when family is driving you crazy, take a deep breath and identify at least one thing you are grateful for about that person. And, no, “Aunt Edna isn’t that crazy” doesn’t count.
  • Stay healthy: Sure, you may be crunched for time, so an hour at the gym is not possible. But how about doing some squat while you are on the phone? Or take 5 deep breaths if a 20-minute meditation is out of the question.
  • Give meaningfully: A thoughtful photo album (created on line) or even a single photo is more meaningful than a gazillion dollar gift. It is not about the cost, but rather the love and emotions a gift brings.


Read more on the Live Happy website 


What do you do to help reduce your stress over the holidays? Share with us so we can benefit from your wisdom. And don’t forget to join our Facebook community so we can support and inspire each other all year long!


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