2016 / 20 September

What Do Your Posts Say About You?

In the olden days, parents might take pictures of their kids’ first day of school only to shove it into a photo album for the family to look at over the years.

Today, these pictures are often posted on social media sites for the world to see.

And with the understanding that others will see these pics, there is a growing trend to make them look even better.

I am talking about (Competitive) First Day of School Chalkboard Signs, something writer Rachel Grumman Bender from Yahoo! wanted to know more about. She recently interviewed me for an article on that topic.

My take? “There is no harm, per se, with having a pretty chalkboard. The harm comes when there is stress or judgment towards yourself or others regarding the look of the chalk sign. As a society, we have become so perfectionistic — all or nothing, perfect or failure — that it can take away from the moment, which is to appreciate that your child is entering a new grade.”

What do you think?

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Oh, and click here to read the entire article.

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