2010 / 19 January

New Year’s (Il) Logic

So you made a resolution to lose weight this year- great job!

How’s it going? That good, huh?

Repeat after me: Fast eating is still eating.

There seems to be this logic (or, rather illogic) that, if we eat a “forbidden” food, it is not as bad if we eat it quickly. It’s like the opposite of the floodgates opening up. That hand keeps propelling from bag to mouth in an apparent ceaseless ricochet, trying to cram in as many chips as possible to squelch the guilt. There is minimal enjoyment. And it is almost as if the person believes it is the time of consumption rather that the caloric intake that contributes to weight gain.

Ever fallen victim to this?

Try this: eat mindfully. Want a cookie? Try truly savoring each bit. See how looooong it can take you to eat just one bite. Enjoy the smell, sound, texture, taste, thoughts and feelings associated with your treat. You and your waistline will appreciate it much more!


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