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Whether it’s an arena, auditorium, conference room or board room, Dr. Lombardo informs and inspires audiences with her special brand of wisdom and wit. Her popular TEDx Talk ‘The Science of Happiness’ has been lauded by industry pros and viewers. Elizabeth regularly engages professional associations, corporate meetings and large audience wellness conferences. Watch her in action below and click on the Contact link to book her for your next event!

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Today’s women tend to be on the perfectionist track. They think, ‘I’m either 100 percent good or I’m a 100 percent failure

How do you go from secretary to creative director like Peggy Olson on Mad Men? For starters, don’t let so-called male-sounding adjectives, such as “assertive,” “independent,” “aggressive,” and “analytical,” in the job description keep you from going for a more advanced gig.

In a recent study, German researchers had 260 people review fictional employment listings, and found that women shied away from certain words like the ones mentioned above and gravitated toward others such as “dedicated,” “responsible,” “conscientious,” and “sociable.” However, the wording made no difference to male subjects.

I gave a few good tips to the folks at Shape Mag here. Read it and don’t be afraid to go after opportunity. Don’t let perfectionism rob you of success. You’re Better Than Perfect!

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You’re dedicated. A go-getter, the ultimate team player… You come to the office early, stay late, and answer emails in the middle of the night.

You may also be a workaholic.
Let’s be clear…working hard is not the same as being a workaholic.

Workaholics are addicts… addicted to the adrenaline or the high their mind and body feels from the product of their success. But your obsessive-compulsive tendencies may be the root cause of resulting stress, anxiety, fatigue and irritability. It’s an essential distinction:

The imbalance of work and your social life will affect your relationships. Workaholics tend to isolate themselves, feeling lonely and guilty due to their vacancy. This, in turn, can often lead to depression.

Burnout is a state of mental, physical and emotional exhaustion due to excessive and prolonged levels of high stress in your work environment. Burnout will cause problems for your health and relationships. Don’t ignore it!

Click the link to listen to the full interview I gave on Radio MD. Learn how to bounce back to a more balanced, happy and healthy life.

Dr. Lombardo on Staying Well w/Melanie Cole Radio MD

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Even in 2014, women breadwinners can be challenging to couples and put strain on relationships. Watch my latest segment on WGN-Chicago’s ‘Midday Fix’

Some highlights:

Own it!
Be proud of yourself for what you have achieved. Focus on gratitude and appreciation instead of worrying about how others may view you.

Be present!
When you are at home with your family, enjoy that time. Be present of your time with them and not thinking about all the things at work. When you at work, try to focus on using your values and strength to flourish at work.

Find purpose in your work!
For those who would prefer their spouse to be the primary breadwinner, it is important for those women to find purpose and what they’re doing. Instead of being riddled with guilt, focus on how they can apply their strength and really can purpose and what they’re doing and contributing to others.

Prioritize time for you!
You don’t need to go on a week vacation away from your family necessarily, but it is vital that you schedule a time for you. That means taking time to exercise, meditate, spend time with friends… It may feel like a luxury that you cannot afford, but it will actually allow you to be a better mother and better worker.

Have a serious conversation with your partner
Rather than leave at housework and meals to chance, sit down with your husband to determine who does what. Help him understand why it’s vital that he be an integral part of this process. And express gratitude and appreciation for all that he does. Being aggressive or passive aggressive only make him not want to help out more.

It’s the perfectionism!
Meals, your house, the way the laundry is folded… It doesn’t have to be perfect. Make sure your family is safe and healthy. And focus on the gratitude and love that you have for them and life over whether your husband vacuums correctly or your kids have perfectly matching outfits.

Don’t micromanage!
Your partner will do things differently. Your children will do them differently. As long as everyone is safe and you’re getting the ultimate end result that is important.

Be #BetterThanPerfect

-Dr. L

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Missing planes, mass shootings, and random acts of violence are dominating the headlines. Fear is natural, but irrational fear can impact the quality of our lives. I recently shared some tips on overcoming fear with Tamron Hall and Natalie Morales on the Today Show. Watch and let me know how you’re doing!


-Dr. L

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It’s a common refrain…long hours, long commutes and short, short evenings and weekends.

A new study reveals the obvious. We are terrible in juggling work and life priorities. I visited my friends at Good Day Chicago today to help you out. Watch, Enjoy and MAKE TIME FOR YOU AND YOUR LOVES!


-Dr. L

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When was the last time you complained about your hair or vented to a friend about a particularly huge pimple? Chances are, it wasn’t too long ago. According to a recent survey by TODAY and AOL, 77 percent of adult women complained about their appearance to someone at least once in the past month.

My friends at Women’s Health Mag asked for my help to with this great article The Bad Habit 77 Percent of Women Need to Break

Click the link to read the full piece and start embracing yourself flaws and all. You’re Better Than Perfect!

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Do you ever get seeped into what Lupita Nyong’o calls “the seduction of inadequacy.” Do you focus so much time and energy on what is wrong with you, that you reject data proving otherwise?

Watch the incredible video of the Academy Award winner. And absorb her wisdom: “What is fundamentally beautiful is compassion for yourself and for those around you. That kind of beauty enflames the heart and enchants the soul.”

Lupita is Better Than Perfect!

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Soulmates…Sounds good…
Deep connection and harmony of values are key to lasting love, but don’t be deluded and think that it will all click when you meet that PERFECT someone.

I believe the best lovers are those who learn how to love. Northwestern University has recently launched a class entitled Marriage 101. Don’t chuckle…with nearly half of all U.S. marriages ending in divorce, we need all the help we can get!

I gave my insights on some of the course highlights on Fox-32 in my beloved Chicago. Give it a look-see and let me know your secret to lasting love.