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In the wake Robin Williams’devastating suicide, many are asking, Why? Why would someone do this? How could someone with the ability to make millions laugh not have a glimmer of hope within?

We can speculate, and we can mourn. In fact, it is important to mourn. It is also important to learn — to learn from this devastation so we can help ourselves and our loved ones.

In my latest piece for The Huffington Post I gave 5 approaches that you can implement to help keep people you know and love living and thriving:

Cultivate Hope
Address Stress Effectively
Help Out Others
Stop The Perfectionism
Prioritize Meaning Over Money

Click the link to read the full article and my expansion of the 5 tips.
Let’s Focus On Hope: Robin Williams, Depression and Suicide

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New romance is exciting and thrilling, but can also bring anxiety. Social media can delude us to thinking we “know” a person in a very short time. It takes time and purpose to lay a sound foundation for lasting love.

My good friend and relationship expert Rachel DeAlto, recent joined me on Good Day Chicago to talk about how to start off right. Here are the steps. Watch the video to hear us break them down.

1) Start With Yourself
2) Decide (ahead of time) What You Want
3) Find Someone With Similar Interest
4) Practice “Sextimacy”
5) Separate From Your Past

Happy Loving!


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My new book Better Than Perfect: 7 Strategies to Crush Your Inner Critic and Create a Life You Love! is being printed as I write this!
(Click the link to reserve your copy!)

I wanted an awesomely fun video trailer, so I contacted my good friend (former Oprah “Super-Producer”) Candi Carter for help. Her team put together this fantastic package and I’m LOVE it! Watch it for a peek into the pages of this work that I am very proud of. As you can see, I had LOADS OF FUN!

Watch it. Share it. Buy it!

Thanks for much for joining me on this journey to be BETTER THAN PERFECT!

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Let’s face it. All marriages have ups and downs.

Research has shown that when you’re married you live longer, but in an unhappy marriage the exact opposite happens. The more toxic things become the worse it is for your well being and it could drastically affect your life and longevity.

I gave some insights and tips I gave to Cosmopolitan. Here are the pitfalls. Follow the link below for insights from me and my dear friend, relationship expert Rachel DeAlto.

1) Lack of Communication
2) Frequent Fighting
3) Forgetting to Take Care of Yourself
4) Sleep Deprivation
5) Eating Too Much

Read the full article 5 Ways Your Marriage is Killing You at

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Tension is good???

Maybe for bridges, but for we humans, stress can be a corrosive and destructive force. Sure stress is common and, in my practice, I help people is confront and deal with stress daily.

But…not all stress is created equal and we all receive stress differently. They way stress affects us is not about right or wrong. Just different.

My friends at SELF recently published a “Stress Test.” I joined Editor, Joyce Chang and the TODAY hosts to give some expert insight and tips. Enjoy!

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It is frequently OK to be selfish…


Yes I said it and more in this piece in Women’s Health.
Many of you are very giving. You listen to your friends, and take care of them, but you don’t want to burden them with your issues. But it’s not being a burden—it’s a really essential thing to do, and not just so you get sound advice. It’s important because you get the help you need, whether it be emotional support or tangible support, but it’s also helpful for a relationship.

When a relationship is one-sided and you’re constantly giving and the other person is constantly taking without the reciprocal, that’s not a true relationship. When you allow the help to go both ways, you’re actually forming a deeper, healthier relationship with that person.

Here are the 4 Times is short form:

1) When you need help
2) Between the sheets
3) After work hours
4) When you’re craving ‘Alone Time’

Read the full article to get more of my insights and tips to balance your vital relationships. 4 Times It’s OK to be Selfish

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In the wake of one of the worst economic downturns in history, many Americans are still dealing with the ravages of unemployment.

Relationships and families are particularly vulnerable during financial hardship. Some folks mistakenly think that it will all get better once I land another job. Well…maybe…but too often that isn’t the case. Particularly with extended layoffs. Sadly many couples and families are grossly damaged. In my latest Fox Chicago segment, I talk about ways to move through desperate times and beat down unemployment blues. Take a look and let me know ways you are surviving!

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For the past 5 years, I have traveled around this incredible world on a quest to help people be happier.

And I came to realize that one of the biggest obstacles to happiness, to creating the life you want is, well, you. Not because people are lazy or destined to be unhappy, but rather because the same mechanism many were using to try to be happier was actually adding to their stress and discontent. I saw this in the audiences I spoke to, the clients who I coached and even in the media personnel who were interviewing me for national TV shows. Frankly, I saw it in myself.

The culprit is perfectionism – an all-or-nothing mindset that things had to be perfect or else… You know. Things like…

I had one cookie and messed up my diet. Might was well eat the entire plate.
I might not get the job promotion, so why bother going for it
My last relationship was a failure, so I am destined to be alone forever.
My kids were late to school today. I am a complete failure as a parent.
My partner did not do the dishes- obviously he doesn’t care about me.
My website isn’t perfect, so I am not going to even tell people about my new business.

This perfectionism prevents positivity, productivity and profitability. And it needs to be stopped!

Better Than Perfect,Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo,Perfectionism,book

My next book Better Than Perfect: 7 Strategies to Crush Your Inner Critic and Create a Life You Love teaches how we can continue to strive for excellence while at the same time not beating ourselves up, avoiding situations or feeling like you are falling short. It will help you create the life you truly want to live: happiness, health, strong relationships, success without the stress of “needing” to be perfect.

The book is just the tip of the iceberg. We are going on a journey! A journey to ditch perfectionism and live free. I’ll walk with you each step of the way and provide advice, great tools and a thriving community to aid your personal trek. Watch the video above for more insights and let’s get ready to be Better Than Perfect!

Better Than Perfect,Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo,Perfectionism,book

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I am SO excited!

The Amazon pre order page for my latest book Better Than Perfect: 7 Strategies to Crush Your Inner Critic and Create a Life You Love! is LIVE!!!

Perfectionists exist in every walk of life. While outwardly they appear to be very accomplished, they are often unhappy and unfulfilled. Perfectionists strive toward unattainable goals, and their behaviors can wreak havoc on both their physical health and their psychological well-being.

Better Than Perfect offers step-by-step instructions for perfectionists to find balance and freedom. I define perfectionism in easy-to-understand terms, offer simple assessment tools, and share case studies of from my practice. I also include practical exercises and suggestions for behavioral changes, specifically 7 ways to overcome perfectionism that range from choosing passion over perfection to remembering you’re more than what you do.

The book is just our starting point. I’m inviting you to go on a a sustained journey with me to overcome perfectionism, silence our inner critics and life a full and happy life! Coming??? Start here: